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77th Mining and Energy Anniversary!

Uploaded by Prakarsa Jaringan Cerdas Indonesia | 28 September 2022

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Today is 77th Mining and Energy Anniversary!

"Energy Rises Stronger," 

Mining and energy are two important sectors in various aspects. One form of energy that is the focus of its development is electrical energy. It is now known that the efficiency of electricity production in Indonesia is still lagging behind the ASEAN average. There are several reasons that support this hypothesis.

First, energy producers must distribute electricity according to the quality level certain services for 24 hours to consumers. Indonesia is still having problems with this because the frequency of interruptions and the average duration of interruptions per subscriber are still above the ASEAN average. Second efficiency Indonesia's electricity production is also still lagging behind the ASEAN average. In addition More than 80 percent Indonesia's energy supply is still rely on fossil energy. Fossil energy can cause carbon emissions that have a negative impact on the environment.

Source: Arifin, Zainal. 2022. The Road to Energy Transition. Kompas : ISMS Management Rubric.

In order to commemorate the anniversary of mining and energy, it would be nice if we try to find solutions to various energy problems, especially electrical energy efficiency.

It is time to make this momentum the start of a struggle for change towards an energy transition. As well as fostering the spirit of the struggle of Indonesian youth to be more active and productive in research, new renewable energy innovation, and maintaining energy sovereignty to be able to change for the better. 

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