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Aiming the Green Energy City Concept in the Development of IKN , How and Is It Implemented?

In line with this, the Minister For Public Works and Human Settlements plans to apply the concept of green infrastructure to the development of the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago. The Director General of Human Settlements also said that in relation to the commitments made at the COP 26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, the Ministry of PUPR will continue to contribute to reducing carbon emissions through various infrastructure developments that adopt the principles of green building. In line with international commitments on climate change, renewable energy is a must to develop. In the concept of energy transition, the portion of renewable energy needs to be enlarged by substituting fossil energy with environmentally friendly green technology.

PJCI raised this topic, because in the framework of the G20 in Indonesia this year and in welcoming Indonesia's steps and efforts in terms of smart green building. This can be done in various ways, including the implementation of a comprehensive green building in Indonesia. Hopefully all the thoughts and questions in the minds of all the general public can be answered in this live Instagram discussion session, of course with the experts:

🔹 Rohith Ravula | Associate Director of United State Green Building Council),

🔹 Eddie Widiono | Founder and Chairman Supervisory Board PJCI) and

🔹 Rahma Khusniawati | President of IMTLI

Held on :

Date : Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Time : 19.30 - 20.30 WIB

In line with the energy sector, the application of green building must also be supported by adequate infrastructure based on sustainable principles, such as transportation facilities. Therefore, the government also plans that 80% of transportation in Nusantara National Park will be public transportation and not use fossil fuels. With the existence of the green building design, of course it will be a positive value for the Indonesian people in overcoming the existing climate crisis and this design needs to be supported by the behavior and mindset of people who care about the environment and climate.

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