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Commissioner of ATW Solar & also the founder of PJCI.

Commissioner of ATW Solar & also the founder of PJCI, Eddie Widiono Give a Speech & Launching The Solar Apps.

Citation from KONTAN.CO.ID News - JAKARTA. The Founder of the Indonesia Smart Grid Initiative (PJCI) who is also the Former Main Director of PLN for two periods from 2001 - 2008 PLN, Eddie Widiono said that solar panels are renewable energy which is expected to have a long life. Solar PV in the residential segment will create energy independence where energy is directly drawn from nature and can be directly used for household needs.

“But this only opens the door. Once we have natural energy in our homes, other opportunities open up. For example, we don't have to entrust electricity to PLN. Right now, if we leave excess electricity from Solar PV at PLN, it will be turned over at night for use," he said when met at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (17/1).

However, according to him, electricity exports and imports to PLN with the current rules are still considered burdensome for this state-owned company. In the future, continued Eddie, the term energy independence can be realized in other forms because it is hoped that battery technology will become cheaper.

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