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Nominations Open for Sixth Smart Grid Award of Excellence

Honoring Excellence in Smart Grids for Digitalization Enabling Consumer Empowerment

International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN), in partnership with the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF), launched its Sixth Award of Excellence Competition to showcase leadership and innovation in smart grid projects around the world. With a theme of “Excellence in Smart Grids for Digitalization Enabling Consumer Empowerment,” the competition highlights the critical role of smart grid technologies for grid digitalization that offer opportunities to save energy for customers and to operate the grid in a more efficient and reliable way for grid operators.

Karin Widegren, Chair of ISGAN’s Executive Committee, said, “Customer engagement and empowerment offers opportunities to save energy for customers and to operate the grid in a more efficient and reliable way for grid operators. Grid operators want to shift or reduce energy consumptions during times of peak consumptions, so they have engaged and empowered customers to do that by proposing some benefits.”

Projects nominated for the ISGAN competition are also eligible to win the GSGF Best Smartgrid Project Award.  “This year’s competition focuses on a critically important objective of digitalization of the grid,” stated Reji Kumar Pillai, Chairman of the GSGF. “Digital technologies are increasingly being deployed to enhance flexibility of the grid with rapid proliferation of variable and distributed renewable energy resources. The digitalization is also bringing out massive amounts of data about the grid status and operations which were not known in the past. The new data is both empowering the customers as well as the grid operators.”

ISGAN and GSGF encourage entities engaged in grid modernization or smart grids to submit their projects by 15 November 2019 for consideration for both awards. Official rules, nomination forms, and other information can be found at http://www.iea‐ The winning projects will be selected by an international jury of smart grid experts. They will receive prestigious recognition during an awards ceremony at the EleventhClean Energy Ministerial in Chile in May 2020, a global gathering of energy ministers and high-level international organizations. They will also be showcased in ISGAN and GSGF collateral and events, affirming their position as global exemplars of excellence.

Important documents:

  1. ISGAN Awards 2020_Submission Form

  2. ISGAN Awards 2020_Supplemental Form

  3. ISGAN Awards 2020_Official Rules

  4. ISGAN Award 2020_FAQ

  5. ISGAN Awards 2020_Fact Sheet


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