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Goes to ICSF Summit : "RE - Imagining The Future Threats In The Cyberspace" Live Tonight!

Welcome The Experts Discussion Tonight!

LIVE Instagram @id_smartgrid

Basically, cyber security is an action taken to prevent the emergence of cyber crime. Cyber crime itself is a crime in cyberspace. For those in business, research on cyber security is important because it can be minimized to prevent cyber criminals from stealing and misusing company data.

The world relies on technology more than ever before. As a result, digital data creation has surged. Today, businesses and governments store a great deal of that data on computers and transmit it across networks to other computers. With the growing impact of IoT modernizations reaching deep into utility operations, an increased risk of cyberattack could take critical infrastructure offline, with the potential of shutting down national systems. Devices and their underlying systems have vulnerabilities that, when exploited, undermine the health and objectives of an organization.

we have many challenges forward and future, including if it is not immediately strengthened and prepared, data leaks like what Bjorka and other blackouts did will recur. Because they don't only target big companies, cyberthreats also attack small businesses until individuals. For example, such as accessing sensitive information, changing or even destroying important data. It is these various types of cyber threats that make cyber security important for everyone to understand. In this discussion, PJCI brought together cyber experts and experts in civil registration to jointly discuss production prevention options that can be implemented in the future.

"By implementing cyber security, you can reduce the risk of threats targeting your computer system. For your information, cyber security is part of website development. It’s all about security and privacy"

The purposes of holding Live Instagram are :

  • Cyber security learning media.

  • Sharing knowledge about the concept of government and electricity database security.

  • Increase public insight and knowledge about handling in the event of a leak/break and down.

  • Contribute ideas for the development of database readiness and security - data center.

  • Inviting the Indonesian people, especially netizens, to make them realize that the security of personal data is important.

Check out the full details o n LIVE tonight together with


Day : Thursday, 1 Desember 2022

Time : 19.30 - 20.30 WIB

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