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PJCI Support to GEIDCO onSeminar on “the Pathway towards Global Carbon Neutrality”

PJCI Support to GEIDCO on

Seminar on “the Pathway towards Global Carbon Neutrality”

November 4th 2021, 17:00-19:30(GMT+8)

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Invitation Code: 300186

Carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality are one of the hottest topics and top priorities for many countries. In active response to the upcoming COP26 in November, GEIDCO will co-convene the Seminar on the Road to Global Carbon Neutrality with the UNFCCC on 4th November, 2021, aimed at further advancing green, low-carbon and sustainable development, and addressing climate change. At the event, GEIDCO will release its latest research findings on The Road to Global Carbon Neutrality, and the joint research with the UNFCCC Secretariat on the Compendium on GHG Baselines and Monitoring for the Energy Sector.


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