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The application of Smart Grid in Indonesia would significantly boost the country’s ability to increase the proportion of renewable energy in its primary energy mix to 23 percent by 2025. Increasing SG's application would help the country to transition its energy use because the technology promotes greater efficiency, reliability and resiliency along the supply chain through digitalization. With greater grid flexibility, power producers would have more capability to integrate various energy resources, which would lead to increasing renewable energy penetration, hence decarbonization in the long run.

While state electricity firm PLN has been planning for a green transformation that embraces digitalization, the process has not been as smooth as expected. Despite the power and capability that PLN wields as a state-owned power company, the process of grid digitalization has been slow if not static due to a missing link in the current regulatory framework. For instance, the national strategic program that mandates the acceleration of grid digitalization has not been followed by supporting regulations to provide PLN the necessary power to execute its plan. Considering SG’s potential to drive greener energy adoption in Indonesia, what should be done to address the prevailing issues? Can Indonesia's electricity sector apply lessons from successful electricity digitalization processes in more advanced countries? How can we change? This session will also feature an initiative from East Nusa Tenggara that aims to generate electricity from renewable energy sources and build an SG in the region. How can the initiative be materialized?

• Speaker I: Mr. Eddie Widiono, Former President Director of PLN and Chairman of the Indonesian Smart Grid Initiative (PJCI)

o Talking point: The importance and direction of Smart Grid in Indonesia

• Speaker II: Mr. Victor Laiskodat, Governor of East Nusa Tenggara Province

o Talking point: East Nusa Tenggara’s plan to build smart grid for its renewable energy plants

• Speaker III: Mr. Zainal Arifin, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Technology PLN

o Talking point: PLN strategy to adopt smart grid in its drive to increase its RE capacity

• Speaker IV: Mr. Nishimura Matsuji, Chairman of Kyudenko Corporation

o Talking point:

▪ Raising issues and/or questions to Speaker I, II, and III

about challenges Japanese companies experienced when investing in Indonesia and how the Indonesian

government could help Japanese investors. ▪ Experience in developing Smart Grid

• Moderator: Mr. Ananda Setiyo Ivannanto, President Director of PT Awina Sinergi International (A-Wing Group Japan)/ Deputy Head of International Cooperation Department, Indonesia Renewable Energy Society.

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