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We present an irreplaceable theme Energy Transition for our future electrical technology - SMART METER -

This Webinar sponsored by PT HALEYORA POWER &

Supported by PT PLN (Persero) and PT Indonesia Comnets Plus (ICON+)

The Webinar “Smart Meter Beyond KWh” is one of the platforms available to discuss all sorts of information regarding Indonesia’s program on implementing Smart Meter in commercial, public, and household use. Followed by exploring the current condition of such programs, problems it might encounter, and to come up with solutions solving such problems or avoiding it altogether.

Electricity is one of the more crucial needs in sustaining day-to-day activities and overall livelihood. With technological developments moving consumer goods and manufacturing methods towards electrification, increasing quality of life in the general populace, it was expected that the demands on electricity would keep growing in the foreseeable future. A standard kWh meter could reliably measure the total power consumed over a given period of time. But such devices were not without its problems. In order to deal with problems often encountered in ordinary meterings, such as the often inaccessible multi-tariff pricing during peaking hours, lack of reliable net metering for power co-generation, no real-time measurement, lack of outage notifications, and to simplifies power factor calculations, utility companies began to slowly transition themselves from using a standard kWh meter to much more advanced Smart Meter and its Advanced Metering Infrastructures. With further ease of data interaccessibilty, customers would find monitoring their use of electricity much easier than ever before.

By installing a Smart Meter, customers will find it easier to manage their daily use of electricity. Customers would be given various accesses previously unavailable in ordinary metering systems such as pricing estimates, co-payment billing for multiple households residing in a single residence, and even overload notifications might help in anticipating local outage. Hence, the Indonesian Government, represented by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, plans to increase the use of Smart Metering in Indonesia. The ministry targets to reach 1 million smart meter users, for electricity connections, by 2022. With this system, consumers of the State Electricity Company (PLN), at last could also be electricity producers.

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