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Through the momentum of the G20 presidency, Indonesia ensures the development of new and renewable energy plants (EBT) will be prioritized by the government. Meanwhile, this is done to replace a steam power plant (PLTU) whose contract period is not extended. This step aims to achieve the target of net zero emissions or carbon neutrality by 2060. This was conveyed by the Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), Dadan Kusdiana, in the Youth Movement Talkshow for G20 Energy Transitions, welcoming the G20 Energy Transition Working Group. He added, Indonesia will develop electric vehicles and electric stoves so that the net zero emissions target is achieved. "We encourage the implementation of smart grids and Battery Energy Storage Systems so that net zero emissions by 2060 are achieved. The government also provides fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to accelerate NRE." said Dadan. Smart grid is an electric power grid system equipped with advanced information technology and communication technology that can enable an efficient electric power management system. Meanwhile, Director of Development, Economy and Environment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hari Prabowo said that the Youth Movement event initiative and declaration of support for the energy transition were expected to support the success of Indonesia's G20 Presidency.

Don't forget to join us at 7th anniversary of Prakarsa Jaringan Cerdas Indonesia (PJCI)

The main event will be hold on :

📆 7th July 2022

and Online via zoom meeting and youtube

🕰 08.00-16.00 WIB

There will be PJCI's Kaleidoscope, Talkshow, Essay Presentation, Seminars, Awarding Sessions, Entertaiment, Smart Quiz Competition and so on.

You will meet great speakers:

- Arifin Tasrif Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia.

- Ahmad Agus Setiawan Expert in Energy at the Office of the Presidential Staff of the Republic of Indonesia.

- Sugeng Suparwoto Chairman of Commission VII of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia.

- Prof. Dr. Ir. Hammam Riza Chairperson of the Artificial Intelligence Industry Research and Innovation Collaboration.

- Wiluyo Kusdwiharto Director of Mega Projects PT PLN PERSERO.

- Ikhsan Asaad Chairman of the Indonesian Smart Network Initiative.

- Maudy Ayunda Spokeperson of G20 Presidency.

In the seminar sesion 1 will discuss about Smart Grid Opportunities and Challenges in Renewable Energy Transmission and you will meet Professional & Experts :

- Rida Mulyana Director General of Electricity MEMR Indonesia as Keynote Speaker

- Evi Haryadi Director of Corporate Planning of State Electricity Company (PT. PLN (Persero)) as Speaker

- Muh Reza Director PLN Enjineering as Speaker

- Elrika Hamdi Energy Finance Analyst IEEEFA as Moderator

Not only that,

in the seminar sesion2 will discuss about Photovoltaic Rooftop to Fulfill Net Zero Emission Indonesia 2060 and you will meet Professional & Experts :

- Dadan Kusdiana Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation MEMR Indonesia as Keynote Speaker

- Herry Nugraha Executive Vice President Transmission and Renewable Energy as Speaker

- Andhika Prastawa Head of Supervisory Board of AESI/ Indonesia Solar Energy Association (ISA) as Speaker

- Paul Butar Butar Co-Founder at Indonesia Research Institute for Decarbonization (IRID) as Moderator

Also, you may join in our competitions. Because some of our competitions are still extended. Get million of prices from .

This event will be held hybrid and open free for public. So, just register yourself and grab your seat in our big event.

Together to build a better Indonesia - SUPERGRID NUSANTARA

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