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This activity is the first step of a much larger development to turn 10,000 Ha of savanna land in Central Sumba into a green energy farm. The global horizontal irradiation (GHI) level at that location ranges from 2100–2200 kWh per square meter. Projection of the development and construction of the Solar Power Plant from Central Sumba for the world. The development and construction of this solar power plant was spearheaded by PT Puri Prakarsa Surya (Suryagen). (1/2/2023).

The savannah stretches as far as the eye can see. Being in that location during the peak of the dry season in October, it feels like the sun is so close to the top of your head. Research shows that this is the spot with the hottest temperature in Indonesia. The global horizontal irradiation (GHI) level at that location ranges from 2100–2200 kWh per square meter. The area has great potential for the development of solar power plants and is actually also open for the development of wind power plants. Many investors are interested in building power plants there. It is located on Sumba Island, more precisely in South Lenang Village, Umbu Ratu Nggay District, and Central Sumba Regency is projected to become a renewable energy farm producers capable of supplying energy needs for the entire Sumba region, especially Indonesia, and even the world.

President Commissioner of PT Puri Prakarsa Surya (PT Suryagen), Dr. Sonny Keraf who is also the former Indonesia Minister of Environment, expressed his company's commitment to participate in developing renewable energy in south Lenang, Umbu Ratu Nggay District, Central Regency.

The son of Lembata said that the production of renewable energy is not only for Central Sumba, not only for East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), but for Indonesia and the world. "We have a strong desire and sincerity with the community to build RE from South Lenang and Central Sumba Regency for NTT, Indonesia, and the world," said Sonny Keraf in South Lenang, Wednesday (1/2/2023), as reported by POSKUPANG.COM.

The commitment was also conveyed by Dr. Sonny Keraf and the President and Director of PT Puri Prakasa Surya, Benyamin Subrata, after conducting a local traditional ceremony. "In this case, we proposed to a "sweet girl," and the traditional ceremony of handing over 866 hectares of land by the Makatakeri tribe to PT Puri Prakasa Surya for renewable energy development was officially carried out at the residence of the Makatakeri Tribal Chief, Wawu Duka Limu, in Wara Village, South Lenang Village, Central Sumba," he said.

After the ritual, the land was officially owned by PT Puri Prakasa Surya for the development and construction of renewable energy sources. In this traditional ceremony, the company brought 1 bull buffalo, 1 large cow, 1 large horse, 3 gold memoli, and 2 large pigs. The Makatakeri tribe handed over a number of traditional clothes and stabbed two large pigs as a symbol of agreeing to hand over land to PT Puri Prakasa Surya to build renewable energy

Sonny Keraf said that the management of PT Puri Prakasa Surya was complete, namely with Benyamnin Subrata as President Director of PT Puri Prakasa Surya, Eddie WIdiono, former State Electricity Company (PLN) President Director, Prof. Nasri Sebayang, Murtaqi Syamsuddin, Utsav Duta, Gustaf Tamo Mbapa, Rossa Suciadi, and Yohanes U Pala Wekat. "We want to show all ladies and gentlemen, as well as the Regent of Central Sumba Regency, Paulus S. K. Limu, that we are serious about this RE development plan. We are working people, and we are ready with the people of South Lenang to build electricity for Central Sumba, Indonesia, and the world. The presence of electricity can improve the welfare of the people in this region." And that is our commitment: to provide electric lighting to the people of this village, the Central Sumba district, and Indonesia," he said.

He is also said that the world is currently in turmoil due to global warming, which makes it difficult to predict climate change. This makes it difficult to determine the planting season again because of erratic climate change. This condition, he said, has an impact on crop failure. "One of the causes of global warming is the excessive use of energy fuels such as oil, coal, and others. For this reason, PT Puri Prakasa Surya is ready to bring RE to Central Sumba, which is environmentally friendly for Central Sumba, NTT, Indonesia, and the world," he said.

Even though this company was only established in 2021, it has the ability and a strong commitment to succeed in the development of RE in South Lenang Village, Central Sumba. PT Puri Prakarsa Surya is a collaboration of veteran energy developers from the Suryagen Group with the Central Sumba government who aspire to make Sumba Island a green energy icon in Indonesia. The company targets development to begin in 2024.

According to Sonny Keraf, the green hydrogen production facility utilizes proven technology to harness sunlight as a resource for the production of environmentally friendly fuel, namely green hydrogen, which can be used to meet local and global needs for various types of industries and environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Once operational, the planned facility is estimated to produce 96.8 tons of green hydrogen or 460 tons of green ammonia daily. "This project will contribute a much-needed supply of clean renewable energy for the social needs and productive economic activities of local, national, and global communities to mitigate the climate crisis that threatens life on earth," he said.

"I believe this traditional ceremony is sacred and truly binds the goodwill of both parties, namely PT Puri Prakarsa Surya and the Makatakeri Tribe, so that all plans can be carried out well without any obstacles," said Sonny Keraf.

The President Director of PT Puri Prakasa Surya, Benyamin Subrata, expressed his gratitude to the Makatakeri Tribe of Central Sumba for accepting him and sincerely giving up land for RE development in this area.

He is ready to realize the RE development plan as soon as all technical matters are completed. "Special thanks also to the Central Sumba Regent and his staff for their support so that the two-year struggle to get a business blessing in South Lenang was realized. Hopefully this cooperation will continue for the common good in the future," he said.

The Regent of Central Sumba, Paulus S. K. Limu appreciated President Jokowi's policy, as did the Governor of NTT, Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat, who collaborated with PT Puri Prakarsa Surya to build RE in Central Sumba. Regent Paulus appealed to the company so that, after the completion of this traditional ceremony, it can carry out its commitment to build a renewable energy project by paying attention to the welfare of the landowning community. “We are experiencing an economic crisis, a world food crisis, also related to world inflation, and an energy crisis, we must provide solutions. Including the development of RE in Indonesia, especially in Central Sumba” he said.

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