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ASEAN Power Grid: Enabling RE Development Across ASEAN

👋Hi Sobat PJCI!!!

PJCI got invitation to attend as panelist on Future of The Grid- Singapore International Energy Week

by Enlit ASIA, 26th October 2022 , with theme

"ASEAN Power Grid: Enabling RE Development Across ASEAN"

Points of discussion:

  1. Understanding the potential of regional interconnection as a driver of a cleaner energy future

  2. Exploring successful multi-lateral power grids: What are the secrets to success?

  3. Examining the regulatory and political hurdles that must be overcome to ensure success

  4. Advancing transmission systems to prepare for greater interconnectivity and RE adoption, what needs to be done, what challenges exist, and what technologies will act as enablers?

  5. Discussing high and volatile costs as a barrier to driving interconnectivity and the potential solutions for this

  6. The importance of transparency: Developing schemes to ensure the green production of energy between regions

  7. Power trading: enabling x-border power trade platform(s) as a critical enabler of the APG

With Great Panelists:

  • Matthew Wittenstein - Chief of Section, Energy Connectivity | UN ESCAP

  • Eddie Widiono - Founder & Chairman of Supervisory Board | Indonesia Smart Grid Initiatives - (PJCI) Prakarsa Jaringan Cerdas Indonesia (PJCI)

  • Amanda J. Van den Dool - Sustainable Energy and Safeguards Team Lead | USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA)

  • Georgie Skipper - Chief Corporate and Government Affairs Officer | Sun Cable

  • Dr Akhomdeth Vongsay - Director-General, Department of Planning and Cooperation | Lao PDR Ministry of Energy and Mines

Moderated by:

Yatin Premchand Yatin Premchand

Managing Director – Global Advisory | Black & Veatch


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👋 see ya

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