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How’s The RE Project in Sumba & The Interest of Investor on its Potential?

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With Sarah E Hobgen | Co-Founder of Sumba Sustainable Solutions (3S)

📆Tuesday, 18 Oktober 2022

🕰️19.30 -20.30 WIB

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Sumba Island has the potential to encourage realization as the largest Solar Panel Power Transmission (PLTS) center in Indonesia by utilizing solar power through PLTS which is estimated to have a power of 20,000 Megawatts (MW) ~ 20 GW. The use of renewable energy (RE) in Sumba can be distributed throughout Indonesia through the electricity toll grid that connects between islands in Indonesia using an subsea cable (HVDC) –we are all known: the Nusantara Supergrid – so that the power plant does not need to be built in a load center and between regions and islands can share energy sources.

The government supports and encourages the initiation of solar energy development in Sumba considering that the potential for solar energy in this region is very large with the highest intensity of solar radiation in Indonesia, approximately 5.7 Kwh/m2/per day and the availability of very large land that allows the construction of PLTS up to 50 gigawatt (GW). In addition, with the availability of very large land, it is possible to develop large-scale PLTS to get the selling price of electricity from PLTS which of course will be very cheap. EWatch more the discussion on LIVE DISCUSSION ON PJCI's INSTAGRAM tonight!

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